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Frequently Asked Questions


1Why was the KAPS Forum initiated?
The KAPS Forum was established in memory of H.E. Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations who dedicated the best part of his life to the cause of global peace and security.
2What is the purpose of the KAPS Forum?
The KAPS Forum is being instituted to recognize the role of former African Presidents who led their respective countries to undergo major democratic reforms, as well as supporting global and regional security efforts, especially by providing peacekeepers who risk their lives in dangerous conflict theatres in order to bring peace to the world.
3Who is organizing the KAPS Forum?
The KAPS Forum is being organised by the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre, Accra and the Kofi Annan Foundation, Geneva.
4Who are the partners?
The KAPS Forum is organised in collaboration with the Kofi Annan Foundation, the Government of Ghana, the Governments of Norway and Sweden and the Federal Government of Germany.
5What is the theme for KAPS Forum 2021?
The theme for the 2021 edition of the KAPS Forum is ‘Democracy and Governance in the Context of Complex Crises in West Africa.’ Against the backdrop of the 20th Anniversary of the Protocol on Democracy and good Governance, the KAPS Forum will aim at building political will to reaffirm the avowed commitment to democracy and credible elections.
6What are the expected outcomes of the 2021 KAPS Forum?
The KAPS Forum will contribute to the ongoing discussion on how to strengthen the role of democratic institutions in their function as gatekeepers in promoting and maintaining peace and stability. Specifically, the KAPS Forum will lead to:
  • A communique on deepening and consolidating democracy in West Africa;
  • Press releases detailing key outcomes of the conference and
  • A conference report reflecting discussions of selected topics and key recommendations for the way forward.
7What are the official hashtags for the KAPS Forum?
8Who can I contact for enquiries?
The KAPS Secretariat
Phone Number: +233 24 923 1001


1How can I take part in the KAPS Forum?
On-site attendance is strictly by invitation and will be held at the KAIPTC. There will be a live stream on virtual platforms.
2Can I register on the day of the KAPS Forum?
Yes, you can attend the KAPS Forum by virtual means, by using the link shared after registertation
3Can one register for a group for the KAPS Forum?
Every individual must make a personal singular registration.
4What are the plenary sessions?
5When will the KAPS Forum be held?
The second edition of the KAPS Forum is slated for 8-9 December, 2021.
6Where will the KAPS Forum be held?
The KAPS Forum will be a hybrid event, with on-site attendance strictly by invitation at the KAIPTC and a live stream viewing on social media.
7What languages will used be during the KAPS Forum?
English and French will be widely used simultaneously during the KAPS Forum


1How can journalists request for accreditation and what’s the deadline?
Please contact +233 24 464 2794 for accreditation as a journalist.
2Can I request for accreditation on-site and on the day of the event?
Please use call the contact available for press enquiries to register for accreditation before the day of the KAPS Forum.
3Who can I contact with enquiries on media and press enquiries?
+233 24 464 2794


1Will there be specific COVID-19 measures for attendees?
ALL COVID -19 safety protocol will be observed. Personal protective equipment and alcohol sanitizers will be available at vantage points.